Track Online Status on Whatsapp with Chatwatch

Whatsapp has become the preferred communication tool – and the virtual emblem – of an entire generation. During the early 2010s, we went from saying, “I’ll send you a BBM!” to “I’ll pop you a Whatsapp!”, and the phrase has stuck ever since. This innovative free-to-use app has forever changed the way we keep in contact with our friends, family, co-workers and clients, not to mention starting the famed emoji revolution as well! Nowadays, the fantastic chat service also boasts a myriad of tools that were added on over time, giving you the power to video call, ping locations, and send everything from photos to your favorite GIFs of The Office with ease.

However, while Whatsapp itself is a great tool, and a seemingly innocuous one as well, its instant and personal nature has led to its being used for some less wholesome activities. With that said, it has been extremely difficult to do anything about that without a Whatsapp last seen tracker online… until now, that is. Enter Chatwatch; our state of the art profile tracker for Whatsapp that enables you to monitor the Whatsapp activity of your friends, family members, coworkers and spouses. Yep – we really did make it happen!

Powerful AI for Spot-On Results

You might be wondering exactly how we managed to engineer a Whatsapp tracker app that can track someone’s last seen online status, their daily usage, and so much more. Well, by harnessing the incredible power of Artificial Intelligence, we’ve designed a system that can tell you everything from when someone went to bed and woke up in the morning and how their chat patterns compare to those of others you know to the probability of them talking to a certain person during the day.

Our Whatsapp monitor online status tracker gathers this information and then generates advanced algorithms to predict everything you need to know about what will happen in their Whatsapp feed next. With such impressive functionality, the only question you have left to ask yourself is… are you ready to know?

Our Whatsapp Online Tracker’s Capabilities

So, you’ve heard about how we use AI technology to achieve what no other company has ever been able to before, but you might still be wondering exactly what our Whatsapp tracker free service can bring to the table. We never thought you’d ask! Here are just a few feats you can achieve with just a computer and a Whatsapp account to your name:

  • Track online history: find out exactly how much time they spend chatting on Whatsapp with our Whatsapp online history app module. Our app allows you to scroll through a comprehensive timeline to track last seen on Whatsapp and see exactly when they were online at any given time.
  • Predict chat probability: how to monitor someone on Whatsapp has never been easier now that our Whatsapp tracker software is on the market. To predict the probability of two of your contacts chatting to each other, simply choose any two numbers from your contacts list. Our Chatwatch Whatsapp monitor will compare them to tell you exactly how their chat activity compares, if they have been online at the same times, and much more.
  • Discover usage habits: our Whatsapp monitor online status can tell you everything about someone’s smartphone usage and sleep habits with astounding accuracy. Want to know what time they went to bed last night? When they woke up the next morning? How much time they spend chatting during the day and how many contacts they spoke to? Our profile tracker for Whatsapp can do it all!

What Chatwatch Can Help You With

If you’re in the dark about someone’s chatting habits, tracking their online status on Whatsapp can lift a massive burden off your back. If you suspect a cheating spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, for example, there’s nothing worse than living in uncertainty and panicking every time you see them pull out their phone. Chatwatch’s Whatsapp last seen tracker online can help you to confirm whether or not your suspicions are really true – before you leave your SO on the kerb with their bags in tow, that is. If you have your suspicions about your other half, check out the Cheaterbuster Tinder monitoring app to gather even more intel.

Of course, our Whatsapp online tracker has plenty of other potential uses, too. Think tracking teenagers who are staying up all night to chat before a big test, coworkers who are spending more time on Whatsapp than they should, or even family members and friends who are up to something suspicious. If you desperately need to know, we’re here to help. Enjoy a 2-day free trial of our last seen online Whatsapp monitor and get yourself in the know without having to shell out thousands for a Private Eye!

Please remember that:
1) You will need YOUR COMPUTER 🖥️ and WHATSAPP ACCOUNT 📱.
2) You have a 2-day FREE TRIAL, if your subscription is cancelled you will not be able to access your account.
3) You must install the Chatwatch Monitor software on your computer 🖥️, you will have access to your results on any device.
Any questions please email us  enjoy!