FAQs about WhatsApp Connection Tracking

1. How does the app track WhatsApp connections?

This app uses officially permitted methods to check the online status and activity logs without interfering with user privacy or WhatsApp policies.

2. Is tracking WhatsApp connections legal?

Yes, it is legal to track your own connections' online status. However, you should ensure that you respect privacy and data protection laws applicable in your country.

3. Can tracked contacts know they are being monitored?

Our app functions discreetly, and there is no direct indication to users that they are being monitored by another user.

4. Will using this app violate WhatsApp's terms of service?

Our app complies with WhatsApp's terms of service by not accessing or storing personal data. It only monitors public online status information.

5. What information can I see about my contacts?

You can see the online and offline times of your contacts, the duration of their WhatsApp sessions, and patterns in their connection times.

6. Can the app provide reports on WhatsApp usage?

Yes, the app provides detailed reports that you can use to understand the WhatsApp usage patterns of your contacts over time.